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Dry flaky scalp conditions are common ailments.

Treatment works to help restore scalp imbalances, relieve irritation and, support healthy hair growth.

Try our treatments for dry and/flaking scalp conditions.  Ingredients such as tea-tree oil extract, help soothe scalp itchiness, reduce flakiness and irritation.



Sometimes hair needs additional moisture. Environmental damage and, lack of care, can contribute to hair becoming dry and, frizzy. Often times when we are facing external pressures our daily routine can go out the window.

Try our moisturising treatments, ingredients include moisturising oils such as jojoba.

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Healthy hair growth begins with care. Including knowledge of hair type, correct use of products and understanding lifestyle habits.

Contact your stylist/barber for advice  tailored for your look or special event.






Is your hair color-treated, dry and/over-processed?

Treatment solutions to repair  adverse hair conditions  are individual and, supported with a recommended course of treatment for your hair type.

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